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A Brief History Of The H.M.T.S. Alert

History Of The H.M.T.S. Alert

The H.M.T.S. Alert was a cable laying ship completed in 1918 and sunk during WWII on February 24, 1945.  During the sinking of this ship, all 59 hands, aged from 17 to 62 died. Many of the crew members were from the East Kent area, where a memorial plaque to the ship was dedicated on […]

Listing Of 10 Most Famous Shipwrecks

Halifax Explosion

Only a few of the millions of ships built over many centuries have approached some note of fame. Those that have, were innovative vessels looked at as prototypes in the ship evolution process, or warships of some sort. There were some others though that made their name through some sort of catastrophic failure. Truly, history […]

8 Worst Maritime Disasters of All Time

worst maritime disasters

The MV Wilhem Gustloff In all of the maritime recorded accidents and fatalities throughout history, this is by far the top of the charts maritime disaster, as it include the loss and deaths of thousands of people. During the Nazi reign and wars this was used as a transportation ship, although the ship itself was […]